The pros and the many cons of using software to build backlinks

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  • Date Posted: 2013-11-22 09:37:00
  • At first it may be tempting to use software to build links to your website, this is because many link building software packages are automated meaning you just edit various settings and then click a button and the software will start building links for you whilst you go and do other things.

    SEO however is not that easy. The links built by such software are such low quality that they will not help your website in the rankings and may even get your website penalized. Links created by software are easily recognizable from the spun content they use. Spinning content is basically a content creation technique using synonyms to create variations from an original content piece and whilst in theory you can create many original content articles from one source content article the spinning of the content results in content that doesn’t make much sense. Search engines are getting better at cognitive analysis and can more accurately read content to see if they make sense or not.

    A second problem with automatic link building is that the software creates links on poor websites that have already been spammed and the search engines know that links created on these sites are being automatically created.

    If an SEO agency offers you link creation services where they create a large amount of links from social bookmarks, forums, blog comments and article directories then they are using software and we would recommend that you politely turn them down.

    SEO software may help boost your ranking in the short term but as soon as the search engines catch on you will be gone form the results just as quickly as you were ranked. It may not even be a search engine bot that may penalize your website, for example Google have many workers that trawl the internet looking for bad link schemes and auto generated links and will penalize web sites that have these unnatural link profiles. It is fairly easy to spot and penalize your website if your links are within articles that don’t even make the slightest bit of sense.

    Unfortunately as links can be so easily created and search engines have gotten so tough on those who are using SEO software to build links to manipulate rankings people are using this too their advantage by not building these links to their own sites but to their competitors by hoping that the search engine spick up on these links and penalize their competitors for unnatural links. This is sadly on the rise and is called negative SEO. You can combat this using for example the disavow tool in Google where you can send a request to Google to say you do not want the links to be considered when ranking your site.

    JMX are a web design and digital marketing agency based near Sheffield and offer a complete SEO service from protecting you from negative SEO tactics and only employing manual ‘white hat’ (techniques that the search engines approve of) SEO techniques to help your website to rank highly and not get penalized. Get in touch for a full quote and proposal for your website.