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Off-page search engine optimization for beginners


Off-page search engine optimization for beginners

Posted by: admin
    Posted in: SEO
  • Date Posted: 2013-11-20 14:39:25
  • In the last article we looked into on page search engine optimization (now abbreviated as SEO) now we will look into off page SEO.

    Off page SEO is all about the backlink profile of your website as backlinks help the search engine crawlers find and index new websites.  Websites with good off page SEO usually have backlink profiles with relevant and powerful links from a wide source of websites that helps to establish trust and authority in the search engines. Links act as votes, in other words if a website links to your website then it tells the search engines that ‘site A’ is linking to ‘site B’ because ‘site A’ trusts ‘site B’ and thinks that the webpage being linked to is good enough and helpful to their users. The more links like this pointing to a site helps rankings in the search engines as search engines use this as a metric to measure quality of webpages. The search engines believe that there is a correlation between good backlinks pointing to a website and the quality of the content on that website. Not all backlinks though are equal as we have to take into account the ‘page rank’ of the website giving the link. A high page rank website backlink is more valuable in the search engines eyes than a lesser page rank backlink. Page rank can be transferred from website to website thus if you have a number of high page rank websites linking to you this can increase the page rank of your website. Page rank is another measure of quality and trustworthiness in the eyes of the search engines.

    Gaining high page rank backlinks can be a tough challenge and if you start buying links to increase page rank and thus rankings in the search engines then you will be breaking the guidelines set out by search engines, if caught you may face a penalty demoting your website in the rankings as it is no longer trusted. There are many ways in which search engines can find and determine if a website is buying or selling links to increase rankings, from manual inspection to algorithms (mathematical programs) to find ‘bad’ back linking practices.  Here at JMX we discourage the practise of buying backlinks due to the fact it is so risky. Instead it is best to get good high quality relevant backlinks that are designed help users of websites rather than to increase PageRank, staying the right side of the search engines guidelines help your website rank and stay high up in the search engines without worrying about your website crashing back down due to a penalty.

    SEO can be a difficult task and whilst it can be done alone the savings in time and frustration and results make it worth outsourcing to experts. We recommend you get in touch with us for a no obligation quote and proposal, tell us what you want to rank for and we can advise you and do some of the work needed to set you on the path to ranking high and gaining more customers.