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On-page optimization for beginners


On-page optimization for beginners

Posted by: admin
    Posted in: SEO
  • Date Posted: 2013-11-20 14:08:48
  • Search engine optimization or SEO abbreviated is the process of optimizing a website to perform better in the search engine rankings. Good SEO practice will enable a website to stand a better chance to rank on the major search engines (such as Google, Bing and Yahoo). There are two main ways you can optimize a website and in this guide we deal with on page SEO.

    On page SEO is all about your website and the relevancy of the website towards the keywords that you are trying to focus on. Making your websites relevant and what search engines want will help you rank much more easily than just relying on links alone (off page SEO). Good on page SEO include using image alt tags, meta-descriptions, meta-keywords, correct use of the header tags to structure content ,mobile responsiveness (is your website compatible with mobile?), fast loading speed, easy navigation for web robots using sitemap.xml, keyword density (not too little but not too high), avoidance of duplicate content and other usual spam signals. On page SEO not only is about accommodating the needs of the search engine robots but also about making the website optimized for real users as in the end search engines want websites designed for searchers to answer the specific search queries with the information or service that the searcher is looking for rather than a website designed to fool the search engines into ranking a site higher than it should.

    In the next part of this series we will overview off page optimization and how this compliments on page optimization in order to really push your website up the rankings.

    SEO is a highly specialized subject requiring much a lot of effort to get right. Whilst you can do it yourself, it can be time consuming and the results may not be as good as you would like. We recommend that you outsource this task to the experts. If you want us to help you with your on-page optimization then get in touch for a no obligation proposal and quote.