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Responsive vs mobile web design


Responsive vs mobile web design

Posted by: admin
    Posted in: web_design
  • Date Posted: 2013-11-22 11:26:17
  • With the rise and rise of tablet and mobile internet it is important to consider responsive or mobile design to optimize your website for viewers with smaller sized screens. Responsive design dynamically scales itself to fit the screen size of a user. Many use responsive design over mobile design because you don’t have to have separate websites for desktop and mobile. Mobile design on the other hand means that you have a separate website usually found on a subdomain for example mobile.example.com, mobile websites are more lightweight than the normal website and will be a lot faster to load in mobile browsers because of this. Usually mobile designs have smaller buttons and smaller images that can be easily viewed by mobile users. However often because mobile designs use the same content as the main website but hosted on a separate url this can cause SEO problems, there can be issues with duplicate content so you need to use precautions like using rel=canonical in the html header tags. Responsive design is your best bet on keeping a website SEO friendly because your content will be on just one url meaning that you don’t have to worry about duplicate content issues. Make sure that your images resize and that your website is fast on mobiles if you are creating a responsive website and ensure that the page load speed when viewing on mobile is acceptable if not then it is a bit pointless having a responsive design if mobiles take too long to load them.

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