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JMX Web Solutions - About - Our Pricing

JMX Pricing

What is this? A pricing page lacking in prices! What is the reason for this outrage? We understand that you were hoping for a handy chart listing all our prices but we don’t publish one on our website this is because:
  • •    There is no one size fits all package for all our clients. Each project that we take on can vary a lot in complexity and in the amount of hours needed to complete to the complete satisfaction of the client.
  • •    We have custom solutions to fit all budgets. We serve all types of business from small start-ups to multi-national companies with a vast difference in needs and requirements.
  • •     Our pricing whilst very competitive is only a small part of the overall value that we provide to our clients.

What you can expect from JMX:

  • •    Fair industry standard pricing for all our products and services.
  • •    Search Engine Optimization project quotes are estimated based on the complexity and the difficulty of the clients targeted keywords. Some keywords are already highly competitive and will require a lot more effort than keywords with little competition.  
  • •    Ecommerce websites with a large number of SKUs to sell will be charged more than smaller niche websites as they require more work to complete.
  • •    Setup fees take into account the time, resources and investment that we make into our clients.
  • •    Unlike other web development businesses we will not lock you into long term and costly contracts.

To get a customized quote for your new web project please contact us.